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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rogue Galaxi Cheat

cara dapetin seven sword seven star sword

Desert Seeker
Obtained automatically in Chapter 1

1. Reach Chapter 8
2. Talk to Agassimo well south of (Rosa: Spaceport: Depot)
3. Talk to Misanna in the church west of (Rosa: Salgin: Near the Church)
4. Make in factory

Reach Chapter 8
- Talk to Nico east of (Vedan: Cancer King's Ruins: Orphan's Hideout)
- Talk to Mesod far east of (Juraika: Path to the Ruins: Endpoint)
- Talk to Silma far north of Zerard: 1st Tower: 3F)
- Talk to Carraco in (The Dorgenark: Control Room)
- Find sword in east small room leading to Captain's room

Great Ceasar
1. Reach Chapter 8
2. Obtain Platinum License
3. Speak to Rodullier in shop north of (Vedan: Myna: Near Item Shop Corbis)
4. Speak to Elderly Man west of (Rosa: Great Tablet: Near the tablet)

Pride of Kings
1. Reach Chapter 10
2. Visit Johannasburg
3. Talk to Ulbor west of (Rosa: Salgin: near the Church)
4. Open chest inside the church with Star Key

Duke Nightmare
combine Majestic Halo + Demon Rouser

Pegasus Lord
1. Reach Chapter 11
2. Talk to Kyralil Bell, east of (Rosa:Labyrinth:Entrance)
3. Talk to Blaster J, NW of (Rosa: Labyrinth: Maze of Chaos)